Through our three tenets of Vision, Value, and Versatility, we don’t follow the trends. We make them.

V 3 Capital Group owns over two million square feet of commercial real estate, giving us a true owner’s perspective into everything we do for our clients, ensuring the highest level of customer service and a novel approach to investment, management, and beyond.


As owners ourselves, we understand what it takes to maintain multiple, profitable properties at optimal condition. Our team is highly skilled and experienced, providing our clients with management that is quick, decisive, and reliable.


Whether buying, selling, or leasing, V 3 Capital Group offers brokerage services to execute seamless real estate transactions through our sister company, V 3 Commercial Advisors. We focus on providing a superior client experience, treating everyone with the upmost diligence and care.


When businesses grow, expand, or move, V 3 Capital Group is there to provide development services to effectively navigate the process. Our team has established relationships with the community, municipalities, and numerous vendors to ensure that the project is completed quickly and accurately.


We are portfolio builders with a diversified portfolio of assets across multiple product types. Our extensive market knowledge allows us to find the best investment opportunities and position them intelligently for long term success.


V 3 Capital Group takes a unique approach to raising capital through long standing, established relationships across the United States. Our network of private equity partners, venture capital firms, and commercial lenders are constantly seeking attractive opportunities to deploy their capital; and our objective is to connect their capital with promising business opportunities that maximize returns.


There are many details to sort out whether you are buying or selling a home, including a market strategy, pricing, and navigating the negotiation process. Partnering with a local real estate agent will ensure that you move through the process with confidence.